Plan For Success

Goal: Postsecondary and career readiness for all students By 2020, Galveston will have:

  • 80% of students graduating from high school ready for postsecondary with only 25% requiring remediation
  • Of 100 students in a 7th grade class/cohort, 40 will receive a postsecondary credential
  • There will be less than a 10% achievement gap between White, Hispanic, and African American students. (Note: All of these rates are at least double current rates.)

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ASPIRE! – Align, Sustain, Plan, Inspire, Respect, and Educate.

Action-oriented, cross-sector dialogue with work in the community and within members’ own organizations. Public, charter, and private schools are all represented as well as high education institutions, and the philanthropic and business communities.