Early Childhood Education

Research has shown time and again that academic skill gaps exist for students well before they enter public school.

By the time they are three years old, children already have or lack foundational skills for increasing school readiness. In fact, during early years of life nearly 700 new brain circuits are formed every second.

Economic models suggest that early childhood education can significantly increase future earnings of low income children—some models project a 35% increase in adult annual income for those enrolled in a one year full-time high-quality child care program from birth to age 5.

Unfortunately, Galveston currently lacks enough high-quality early education options for families.

Parents annually camp out to secure slots for their children in the most desirable pre-K facilities and only 13% of Galveston children enter Pre-K with high-skills compared to 30% of children in comparably constituted communities.

There are currently 29 early childhood education centers in the City of Galveston. Only half of the centers serving three and four year olds are high quality. That number drops to only a quarter when assessing centers serving infants and toddlers.

Young girl learns outdoors.To address this need, GSCA has partnered with the Family Service Center to bring academic preparation skills directly to parents.

The INCREDIBLE YEARS PROGRAM leverages a research-based curriculum with high effective sizes and positive-cost benefit impacts, trained facilitators to lead parents through guided skill practice over the course of 9-12 weeks.

During this time, parents learn practices to promote babies’ language development, reduce hostile attribution and harsh discipline by parents, prevent child behavior problems, and build foundational school readiness skills in babies.

ReadyRosie is an online video-based school readiness curriculum service that provides a daily two-minute video to assist parents, child care workers, preschool teachers, and caregivers in helping children become more equipped for kindergarten.

There are over 500 videos teaching children basic vocabulary and math skills and subscriptions for the service are provided to the entire city thereby allowing all parents, administrators, teachers, and caregivers free and unlimited access.

All of the video curriculum is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for entry into kindergarten and examines what children are expected to know, such as an understanding of shapes, the alphabet and sounds, upon entering kindergarten.

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