Plan for Success

Male Teenage Pupil In ClassroomGoal: Postsecondary and career readiness for all students

By 2020, Galveston will have:

  • 80% of students graduating from high school ready for postsecondary with only 25% requiring remediation
  • Of 100 students in a 7th grade class/cohort, 40 will receive a postsecondary credential
  • There will be less than a 10% achievement gap between White, Hispanic, and African American
    students. (Note: All of these rates are at least double current rates.)


The Plan

Early Childhood

  1. Begin early with prenatal care, parent training, high quality options and providing digital education apps and books to low income families
  2. Enhance PK-12 choice options in Galveston – charters, magnets, STEM
  3. Expand technology infrastructure so personalized learning can scale
  4. Extend learning time by enabling students to choose part-time, online learning and have flexible or extended hours
  5. Create emerging leader/master teacher pipeline and state-of-art training, much of it provided digitally
  6. Expect students to master English in 2 years
  7. Strengthen career and postsecondary readiness with partnerships, career pathways, andramping up dual credit, AVID, and career tech
  8. Collective impact model to integrate student support services
  9. Create system to provide transparent information about schools
  10. Implement social and emotional learning standards and programs in Galveston schools