Moody Early Childhood Center Seeking School Leader

Moody Early Childhood Center is seeking a Transformational School Leader

Who We Are

You guessed it, we’re a brand new early childhood development center and we do all the things you think we do: we provide fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers through age three, and we engage their families in ways to be successful.

We’re also pioneers. We believe in the power of the child to thrive and change the fabric of our community. To achieve this, we’re embarking on a groundbreaking partnership with our philanthropic partners, our families, and our local school district. Galveston Independent School District (GISD) will be our facility host and our shoulder- to-shoulder partner (GISD PreK3 teachers will be side by side our infant and toddler teachers).

About the Role

We won’t sugar coat it—this is going to be an uphill mission from the start. We’re opening on a fast timeline and we expect excellence and passion from our first school leader.
We’ll need you to be:

    Coordinating and managing student recruitment, enrollment, and retention
    Coordinating teachers and staff recruitment and selection
    Coordinating family engagement and development
    Building a fun,welcoming, and learning rich school culture that is also a professional work environment that is typified by hard work, respect, and collaboration
    Creating and achieving clear, ambitious, and developmentally appropriate goals for student growth, development, and achievement Implementing a play-based instructional program that is aligned with GISD’s PreK3 curriculum
    Utilizing a coaching framework to regularly observe and provide feedback to teaching staff, resulting in improved instructional practices and student outcomes
    Overseeing the Director of Education and Family Engagement in facilitating professional learning communities with teaching staff to support curriculum planning and implementation as well as child assessment data analysis and application of data to individualized learning plans
    Managing the Director of Engagement in delivering engaging, effective professional development
    Overseeing the administration of developmentally appropriate assessments to measure and improve
    teaching and learning; using data to inform decisions
    Establishing, articulating, and teaching the vision, mission and values of the Day School
    Establishing a fun, welcoming, and learning rich school culture
    Setting clear expectations for roles, accountability, and decision making among team members
    Prioritizing team morale and productivity and celebrate team accomplishments
  • Working with the Board and staff you hire to develop, implement, and manage our annual operating budget based on public and private revenue; adhering to financial budget goals
    Administering our private grants, including all aspects of reporting and compliance
    Ensuring compliance with Texas State Minimum Standards for childcare facilities and work toward a 4-star rating on the Texas Rising Star Standards
    Serving as the administrator for all school operations and operations staff
    Pursuing and secure additional resources to increase opportunities for school and students
    Maintaining a focus on safety, risk management, and compliance systems
Your Background
  • Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field, or Master’s degree in any field related to children with appropriate coursework in Early Childhood Education; Infant/Toddler education/training
  • At least three years of managerial and/or coaching experience
  • Experience managing an infant/toddler or preschool program
  • Experience with curriculum models and assessments
  • Experience working with traditionally underserved families and children
  • Experience in Special Education/inclusion
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Experience with collaborations and community partnerships
  • Proficiency with technology such as Microsoft Office and email
What We’re Looking For

This role is wide and varied, asking you to draw on numerous skills ranging from instructional to adult management. While we do have certain credential requirements, we are primarily looking for your potential to lead our Center to soaring heights. We’re looking for someone special and that means:

Entrepreneurial Spirit: You have no problem making sense out of the chaos and running through roadblocks as they arise. If you don’t know how to do something, you find the person who has done it best and learn from them. Through all of this, you’re especially adept at synthesizing large amounts of information and deriving unique insights from it.

Coaching: You excel in helping others reach their fullest potential. You’ve got that special knack for making those around you feel comfortable in trying something new, failing, and trying again with you in their corner.

Leadership: You don’t wait to lead, but it doesn’t mean you’re aggressive or overbearing—and when you work with young children it means you come home dirty! It’s not uncommon to see you outdoors co-teaching on the beach with our three year olds or in the classroom with our babies mastering their first steps. Leading for you means building the capacity of those around you and more than anything you’re persistent. You work doggedly to ensure quality and success of our students, our families, and our teachers.

Mission Fit: You’re passionate about early education. You believe that child development is more than just babysitting and that helping kids explore and learn at this age is critical to success later in life.


Our real value is in our culture. You’ll be tackling the hardest problem there is— leading a school that keeps toddlers happy, healthy, and learning—, but you’ll have near-absolute freedom to design the solutions. You’ll be hiring your own staff and doing it on an Island oasis just 45 minutes from the most diverse cities in the country.


We offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package. Salary based on experience.

How to Apply

Ready to join the team? Fantastic! We can’t wait to get started. Send a resume and cover letter to both Mary Patrick at [email protected] and Erica Adams at [email protected].